Worship & Pain (a poem to describe my morning) by Linda


Stretch, exercise, decide to swim

Pool closed

Drive to jetty, listen to music

Exult, praise, worship, pray

Walk barefoot on the jetty

Take the message of Jesus – risk rejection

Pass it on to one man – acceptance

Rejoice, keep walking, pray

Feel close to Jesus

Take photo of Jesus graffiti









Walk more, feel strong breeze

Look at birds, sit down in shelter

Pray for Mum, text Mum

Express myself to friends on facebook

Get up, move on back to car

Drive back to town singing

Worship & praise, lift my heart up to God

Decide to turn onto road bordering the marsh

Looking out for people, praying

Thinking of handing out more Challenge papers

Not many people around – a few

See a lady sitting in her front yard

Wonder about stopping, keep driving

“Lord, show me what You want me to do.”

Keep driving, looking

Decide to turn around, go back to lady

Pull over when I see some people

Pray for courage as I hop out of the car

See a young woman walking towards me

Blood running down her leg

People looking on – unmoved.

I ask her what happened

Boyfriend stabbed her

She doesn’t want to go to the hospital

Just wants to go home and change her clothes

I take her “home”

Her & her father yell and swear at each other

“Don’t hang around that bloke!” he shouts

She sits, upset, bleeding

I comfort, pray, wait

She doesn’t want to go to the hospital

Wants to use bush medicine instead

The wound is very deep and open

She has scars from cutting herself all down her arm

I tell her she doesn’t need to cut herself because Jesus has already taken her punishment on the cross

She says she prays every night and confesses her sins

She says I must be an angel

Finally, she agrees to go to hospital . . .

Just another day in the life of Derby

People, crazy with alcohol, given over to self destruction

Wasted, broken, sad lives. Precious lives.

Jesus doesn’t want that for His creatures. He said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10