About Us


It is our desire to invest our lives in Christ’s Kingdom, knowing that this world is not our permanent home, there is a better home to come! Since before we were married, we have felt a conviction to serve God full time in His mission, wherever that may be. So far this has included serving as dorm parents for MKs in Northern Pakistan and Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai), helping to spread God’s word in Asia through Reach Beyond Radio (formerly HCJB Australia) in Nth West Australia and now, reaching out to the Indigenous families of the West Kimberley in Nth West Australia with Growing Families Australia.

We have been living in the North West of Australia since 2004, but have been reaching out to Aboriginal people specifically in the Derby area (West Kimberley) since August 2011. We currently serve with Growing Families Australia Missions with a focus on parenting courses and family ministry. Our main places of ministry are Derby (town of approx. 5000) & the nearby community of Mowanjum (300). We have four children, two are young adults and two in their teen years.

An example of how we reach out is through friendship building, visitation, community involvement (such as playgroup attendance, prison visitation, working at a computer resource centre helping people learn basic computer skills & leading/teaching Bible studies & teaching a parenting course developed especially for local Aboriginal families called “Families God’s Way” ). We feel that God directed us to build our home in a central place where people feel they can drop in and be welcome to come for conversation, resources, prayer and encouragement.


There are a lot of spiritual needs and social problems in this area, such as drug and alcohol abuse, child neglect, domestic violence and suicide. There are also a lot of positives, such as open hearts, strong family ties and a vast network of local shared knowledge. We feel that we can make a difference through consistently being a light and being available for long term relationships.

This is not just ‘our’ ministry, we feel like an extension of the heart of other Christians reaching out to the people of this area through their prayers and support. When we tell our friends here that there are people praying for them it is a great encouragement to them.